Our Heritage

You might know our sister company, Marble LDN. The award-winning event company within the brand sector.

But we are also big on the party scene, and our private part has a long history of helping people celebrate around the world.

You can find more about our heritage in our story.

Focus on collaboration, design and sustainability

We believe that you should get more, and you should get it for less. Marble Private houses a widely skilled team from all sectors of the event industry.

It’s a team full of planners and designers, right through to production and technical gurus. With all these skills around the table, it means our customers get more time and focus on their event, from a variety of angles.

Ultimately this leads to a great experience that feels well worth the money.

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Tally and Alex’s London Wedding

Flowers were, and are, very personal to this couple. As a result it was imperative that the bride’s family garden was incorporated into the wedding in some ...

Home, Music, Parties

Aynhoe Park 50th Birthday Party

To create an intimate 50th birthday party surrounded by international friends of all ages in a glamorous, shabby chic environment. ...

, Home, Music, Wedding

Teddy and Cas’ colourful wedding

Teddy (one of the Directors at Marble Private) and Cas wanted to produce a wedding in Norfolk that had the Latino vibes of Cuba (where Cas grew up), the ...


Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

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Home, Music, Parties

St Tropez Party

To bring the beach clubs of St Tropez to a private home in the UK. One slight problem: it’s March, in Kent. To bring the beach clubs of St Tropez to a ...

Home, Music, Parties

Kent 50th Birthday

To create an elegant evening full of constant surprises, entertainment and intensity. To give each guest, no matter how long they are at the event, the ...

Music, Wedding

Boeing 747 wedding

After viewing an aircraft hanger (far too big) we were pointed in the direction of a Boeing 747 that had not had its maintenance bill paid for. We were ...