Marble Music

A complete music booking service from concept to delivery.

Marble Music is leading the next generation in how we procure, distribute and experience music within the events industry.

Too much time and effort is invested into an event to let your music and entertainment ​f​all short of incredible.

The Marble Music team will work collaboratively with you to deliver a bespoke music and entertainment experience like no other. Our unrivalled roster of bands, DJ’s & performers will take your event above and beyond, creating an unforgettable occasion that will resonate with your guests for years to come.

Get priceless music as you let us guide you through every aspect of the event, always keeping your vision at the centre of our service and expertise.

Our music team work in tandem with the other Marble Private departments to ensure we reach the pinnacle of tailor-made music experiences, always syncing music with other areas of the event design.

Furthermore, our music curation and playlisting service is second to none. Our in-house music team will make certain that every moment of your event is covered by music that has been hand-picked to fit your specific audience and theme. Do not underestimate the power of music in bringing your guests together.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything” – Plato

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Pre-recorded DJ Mixes for your Event

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Bespoke Bookings Process

Marble Music offers a bespoke booking service that stretches across all spectrums of music & entertainment. Our in-house music team focus on ensuring your vision is paired with ours. Watch your concept and event come to life as we handle everything. Each artist will be briefed to fit and sound the part, creating the unforgettable experience you’ve been seeking for years.

Rajwah & Owen Case Study

Alongside the Marble LDN team, Rajwah and Owen created a festival playground where their guests could come from far and wide to roam, eat, celebrate and dance. Pablo, who heads up Marble Music, worked closely with the couple to create a diverse festival-type music program that ranged through many genres. Nine artists were booked in total, from Spanish guitarists, ska collectives and disco bands to a surprise appearance from Natty co-ordinated secretly by Pablo and Owen to surprise the bride.

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Playlist Curation

The Marble Music’s in-house team offers a bespoke playlist curation service that can cover any event. Whether it’s to create an ambiance or to keep guests glued to the dancefloor, our music team will source the best tracks for your specific occasion. The team put your theme and audience at the forefront when handpicking each track.

Teddy & Cas Case Study

Teddy and Cas wanted to produce a Latino wedding in Norfolk, so aside from sorting an authentic cuban band for the ceremony and reception, the Marble Music team set out to curate a number of latin playlists to ensure every second of the event was covered with a unique latino feel. Our curation service not only serves the purpose of having great themed music at our events, it also acts as a great gift to our clients as they also get to keep these playlists to reminisce on their magical event.

Follow the link to listen to Teddy & Cas’ dinner playlist

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Pre-recorded DJ Mixes for your Event

This service is best-suited for when you are wanting the music at your event to be as seamless and stylised as possible. Pablo, who heads up Marble Music has over 10 years of DJ’ing experience, having performed for audiences across the globe including South America & Ibiza. Using his eclectic music knowledge, he will pre-record a DJ mix to ensure that your party has a unique feel that will keep your guests grooving until the early hours.

A Taste Of Our Artists

Marble Music has a diverse range of artists that can cover any type of request. Our private roster surpasses all barriers and crosses into other forms of music and entertainment.