The Marble Music’s in-house team offers a bespoke playlist curation service that can cover any event. Whether it’s to create an ambiance or to keep guests glued to the dancefloor, our music team will source the best tracks for your specific occasion. The team put your theme and audience at the forefront when handpicking each track.

Teddy & Cas Case Study

Teddy and Cas wanted to produce a Latino wedding in Norfolk, so aside from sorting an authentic cuban band for the ceremony and reception, the Marble Music team set out to curate a number of latin playlists to ensure every second of the event was covered with a unique latino feel. Our curation service not only serves the purpose of having great themed music at our events, it also acts as a great gift to our clients as they also get to keep these playlists to reminisce on their magical event.

Follow the link to listen to Teddy & Cas’ dinner playlist