Ashstock Festival 2018

  • “The Marble team have helped produce our fabulous festival party Ashstock for many years. They have amazing creative ideas and their great can-do attitude never fails to see those ideas come into fruition. The prebuild team always have a positive attitude on site and are a joy to have around. And this year when the big storm hit South East almost taking out our main tent everyone from Marble were helpful beyond belief and acted quickly to save the party from being drenched in the summer downpour.”

A Wild West themed weekend festival for family and friends, set in the clients home in the Kent countryside. A chance for guests of all ages and from afar to come together every other year and celebrate.


Set on the top of a hill with beautiful views out to the Channel, the Wild West was brought to life. The dry summer of 2018 worked to our advantage, the fields were desert inspired golden and balmy, accentuated by cleverly placed wagon wheels, scattered hay bales, giant cacti and bull skulls. The three-day festival began on a sunny Friday afternoon; children were playing and adults reconnecting. Three giant hat tipis formed the main stage while a stretch tent was set out for a chill space, all styled by the Marble team. The Saloon Bar was created using a hand painted sign, authentic barrel poseur tables and our rustic wooden bar.
With the intelligent lighting design, we aimed to replicate the style of a wagon wheel, which set the stage amongst piles of hay bales. Around this, the cowboys and girls partied into the night, with an awesome lineup of bands and DJs. We love to work on Ashstock festival, as each year has a strong theme which allows our creative team to run wild with ideas. Next year will be our third event in a row, and we hope to make it better than ever as we take on the full Project Management of the event.

Services: Creative Production, Sound, Light and Tech

Location: Hythe, Kent

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