The Collective

This is a collection of partners that underpin our product design and creative approach.

Conceptual spaces & design solutions.

Sella Concept

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3D light projection artist.

Rupert Newman

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Born in 1998, Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling was the first scheme of its kind in the country.

Brighton Woodstore

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Cutting-edge creative production for brands and the music industry.

Contakt Productions

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A Factory for inspiring products and interiors. A platform for beautiful life changes.

Goldfinger Factory

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Combines seasonal flowers with an infectious passion to create beautiful and original work.

Kitten Grayson

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Experts in Gifting.

Not Another Bill

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Comes up with ideas and develops creative ways to solve a problem.

Omar Boom

"Why not invite 'Shirley' to your next event. She's a 1987 Grumman Olson Kurbmaster. She’s been decked out with a full kitchen similar to what you’d find in one of our restaurants. They can cater for all types of private events, from weddings to birthdays, you name it, we’ll be there."

Patty & Bun

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Food with thought.

Creators of unique floral arrangements.

Petal and Grace

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Photography with a distinctive edge and cinematic style. The man behind the Marble LDN lens.

Ricky Darko

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Creating standout immersive bar experiences.

The Rum Runner

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Re-imagining your Isle of Wight.

The Active Island

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Rustic yet refined.

Spook Cooking

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Bradley Brothers, Jamie and Tom Bradley. Woodworkers and furniture makers based in Brixton.

Bradley Bros

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Gary and his team can print literally anything. We work closely in partnership on every possible type of asset from stationary to bill board.

Chiswick Print

An award winning crewing company working in the UK and internationally.

Connection Crew

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