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9 tips to deliver the best best-man speech

There are few honours more memorable than being the best man* at your friend or family member’s wedding. While there are a number of responsibilities that come with the title, like planning an unforgettable stag do and supporting the groom with wedding preparations, there’s one job that stands out above all else – the best man’s speech.

It might sound like a lot of pressure to come up with a witty and heartfelt script, but at Marble Private, we have plenty of experience with wedding planning, so have picked up a few tips and tricks for how to make your best man’s speech pack a punch:

  1. Aim for no more than 1,000 words – this equates to about seven minutes worth of speaking time. Limiting the time you spend talking means you won’t ramble, it won’t be boring, and it’ll be easier to remember.
  2. It’s all about delivery – what you say is important, but how you say it will dictate how the room receives it. Focus on speaking slowly, loudly, and clearly; pretend that you’re speaking to those furthest from you.
  3. Prepare a speech for your friendship with the groom – every relationship is different, so the sentiment of your best man’s speech should reflect your friendship with the groom. For instance, if you’re unlikely to roast them when you see them, their wedding probably isn’t the best place to start doing so.
  4. Get their attention – make sure your opening line is one that turns heads in your direction. This could be the perfect spot to add in some humour or even just tap your glass and announce that you’ll be making your speech in honour of the groom.
  5. Introduce yourself – far too often, this key piece of information doesn’t make it into the speech. However, it’s really important to include since it’s likely not everyone at the wedding will know you personally. Explain your relationship with the groom and then, for bonus points, include a precious or happy memory you share with them.
  6. Dish out the compliments – it’s your friend or family member’s special day, so there’s no time like then to make them feel on top of the world. Take time to praise the groom, compliment the bride, and reiterate why they work so fantastically together – and don’t forget the tissues!
  7. It’s not a wedding without toasts – thank the guests for being there to make the lucky couple’s day even more special. Wish them well, and include the audience with some toasts.
  8. Keep it lighthearted – that doesn’t mean it can’t be sentimental, it very much can. However, you don’t want to get everyone sobbing on such a joyous occasion (and we can guarantee the guests will not want to ruin their makeup!). Keep it positive and upbeat, and if you look back over past memories, look at them fondly or be proud of how far they’ve come.
  9. End with a bang – make sure you finish your speech with a memorable line. Whether it be your wishes for the bride and groom or a funny joke, just make sure it’s upbeat and it sticks.

*While we use the terms ‘groom’, ‘bride’ and ‘best man’ throughout this article, we understand that all weddings are unique and ‘grooms’, ‘brides’, ‘best men’, and ‘bridesmaids’ come in a range of gender identities and expressions. Please interpret these tips for your own celebration – we hope they help!

Photo by Marble Private, Words by Marble Private

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