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Celebrate Love with a Festival-themed Wedding

Your wedding day is of course one of the most unique and personal days of your life. Surrounded by your friends and family, it is a celebration of love, freedom and choice.

If you know you want a wedding in the countryside, you can’t go wrong with choosing a festival themed wedding. We aren’t talking wellies, headbands and Scrumpy cider. At Marble Private, we bring elegance, sophistication and finesse to whatever theme we are given.

Whether it’s a three day wedding with different themes and programming for each day or a late-into-the-night celebration with dinner and dancing, the bohemian elegance of a festival wedding theme offers plenty of opportunities to create a full-filled celebration on any scale.

So when we talk about the festival wedding theme, what are we talking about?

The Wedding Marquee

At the heart of a relaxed (and if we’re managing it) stress-free festival wedding is of course the main marquee. Far from the traditional canvas tent of old, a wedding marquee serves as a versatile, chic structure and a literal blank canvas.

When Marble get to work, we transform any sized marquee into your chosen aesthetic to reflect the bride and groom’s personality and style, whether that’s decorating with an abundance of flowers, colourful tent linings, mood lighting and beautifully set tables, complete with wandering entertainers and performances, makeup stalls and photobooths. When it comes to marquee/tipi/ stretch tent decor, if you dream it, we can make it.

Looking for more inspiration: Read our Rock My Wedding article on outdoor weddings

Wedding Music

Much like at a festival, the choice of wedding entertainment is crucial in maintaining the energy of the crowd. You want your aunts and uncles to be grooving as much as your young nieces and work colleagues, so choosing a band or DJ that creates the right vibe is paramount. Live bands bring an electric energy, while DJs keep the dance floor packed with seamless mixes. Couples often choose a mix of both, ensuring that the music flows effortlessly from day to night. If you are planning a wedding that spans a couple of days, we make sure you have music to match.

We work with a big roster of musicians to create a programme that keeps the music at pace. Whether it’s a soulful acoustic performance during the drinks reception or an energetic DJ set that keeps everyone dancing until the early hours, the right music can elevate the entire experience and take your wedding from high grade to incredible. See Marble Music

Chill Out Spaces

Once the ceremony and formalities of the speeches and dinner are complete, the tempo goes up a gear and the party begins. Relaxed seating areas are a hallmark of a bohemian festival atmosphere, creating spaces for people to meet, unwind and have fun. Seating with an abundance of cushions, low tables and even lower lighting away from the noise of the dancefloor creates a laid-back, intimate environment. Guests can comfortably enjoy the party away from the dance floor, whether they’re catching up with old friends or making new ones. 

The After Party – it ain’t over ‘til it’s over

Increasingly popular with our clients, the after party is quickly becoming a non-negotiable of the festival wedding plan. As wedding planners we love it too, as we get to go-to-town creating a whole different party aesthetic complete with UV lighting, cocktail bar, fire pits and groovy little dance floor.

After all that work making a gloriously creative festival playground for it to all be over with carriages at midnight, wouldn’t it?

Take some inspiration from: Millie and Conti’s wedding with after party “dance dome”


Wedding Food Trucks

The wedding festival theme lends itself beautifully to having additional food trucks offering wood fired pizzas or top quality burgers as your late night version of an onsite kebab house. We can’t promise deep fried Mars bars but we can guarantee that the pizzas are always delicious, and the burgers irresistible. The relaxed nature of festival food trucks serving food to go, make them an excellent addition to the wedding programme and a total hit with guests.

And it doesn’t have to stop with pizzas and a burger bun, we also have our own custom made horsebox fashioned into a prosecco or cocktail bar which we bring on site with us. Your wedding guests will have a dedicated barman serving up the freshest, iced beverages as an addition to the drinks available in the marquee.

See how it can be done, here.

If you are looking for a less traditional guiding theme for your wedding planning, a festival wedding is a fun and relaxed option. It blends bohemian charm and casual elegance creating a comfortable environment for guests to unwind, let loose and enjoy every moment. For you as the happy couple, you are choosing to centre your wedding day around fun, friends, life and love, which in our book is exactly what every wedding should be about.

If you are looking for the right wedding planners to make your wedding vision come to life, take a look at our gallery of past weddings and be sure to get in touch for an introductory call with the team.

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