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The ultimate guide to wedding music

From church weddings to destination nuptials, wedding ceremonies vary across a whole spectrum. However, one thing almost all of them have in common is music.

Wedding music is suspected to have existed as long as the ceremony itself has. While you’d have likely only heard a vocalist performing at these events before the 1500s, the invention of many traditional wedding instruments changed that in the middle ages. From there, the music that accompanies marriage has changed drastically, new traditions have been formed and lost, and we’ve entered a new stage of digitalisation that changed everything.

Traditional music at weddings

While music tradition varies around the world, in the west it’s become customary for “Here Comes The Bride” to play when the bride makes her way down the aisle. This song was originally from Wagner’s “Lohengrin” but it’s been a popular wedding song for over 160 years when it was played alongside “The Wedding March” at Princess Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise, Queen Victoria‘s oldest child, wedding to Frederick William IV of Prussia in the Chapel Royal at St. James’ Palace.

In the same regard, other countries and religions have specific traditional tunes that are present in their wedding ceremonies. For example, at Jewish weddings, the song “Baruch Haba” is usually played at the entrance of the groom, while hymns might make an appearance during Christian celebrations.

Every wedding is different though, and while tradition might always have a place in marriage ceremonies, it’s up to you which you stick to and which you don’t. If you really want to dance down the aisle to your favourite bop rather than organ music, you totally should!

Your personalised playlist

After your ceremony, you’ll want to keep your guests entertained at your reception. Music sets the tone for your event and can completely change the vibe and feel depending on the playlist you choose. Not only that but volume, lighting, and other variables should be controlled to ensure that the sound isn’t overly distracting and is setting the scene you’re looking for.

The songs you choose to play at your wedding and reception can be picked out by you specifically or you can decide to work with professionals who can help you select songs that set the mood that goes with your theme. Either way, you want to make sure everyone is happy and enjoys themselves. A great tip to help you do just that is to give guests the option to jot down a song they’d love to hear on their RSVP. This is super helpful for planning your playlist but also gives each person something to talk about and get excited for during the reception.

In the same regard, there are plenty of tunes that seem to always make the final cut. From ones that get your guests out on the dancefloor to perennial favourites, if you’re not up for taking requests, there are some surefire winners to choose from. You can find lists of most requested songs online or even use Spotify’s curated playlists that are specific to weddings.

Hire professionals and work with the experts

At an event, nothing beats live music. While your playlist might be top-notch, a live band, vocalist, or other musician takes it to the next level. However, finding the right performers to play at your venue isn’t always easy. Luckily, event planners and music specialists are here to help.

At Marble, we’re experts in pairing the right music with your event and making sure it fits your specifications, budget and vibe. So no matter what type of wedding you’re having or whether you’re wanting Beethoven or Bruce Springsteen, we can elevate your experience to the next level.

Photo by Marble Private, Words by Marble Private

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