Marbled Thoughts


A chip off the old block

The Collective is a group of individuals and companies, each expert in their own creative fields that share the Marble Private philosophy of collaboration and a passion for doing things differently. Like some of the best ideas, The Collective was born out of frustration. Tired product, lack of imagination and poor value for money inspired Marble Private to approach artisans and designers for solutions to disrupt the industry norm, while adding an extra dimension to what the company can offer. In return, Marble Private is committed to using suppliers within The Collective throughout at least 50 per cent of the business.

“Take furniture at parties, for example,” Marble Private explains. “It’s always weathered, and it’s always something you’ve seen a million times before. We wanted to create something new through collaborating with trained cabinet makers so that clients could benefit from unique design and true craftsmanship – without blowing the budget.”

It’s assumed that contracting extra professional minds to work on a project will drive costs up. But Marble Private is determined to keep quality affordable through savvy collaborations that in turn will see The Collective connected to a wider circle of trusted contacts across various industries.

“There is a lot of potential for cross pollination here and we are already seeing loads of fruitful connections between Collective members, lending each other skills and working with one and another outside of what we have commissioned.”

With The Collective now numbering an ever-expanding group of artisans in disciplines ranging from stationery and woodwork, to food and interior design, Marble Private is ready to put its vision of collaboration into practice to bring you a next generation events company.

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