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Valentine’s Day with Fori Floral Studio

Ahead of Valentine’s Day this year – the first in a couple of years that couples can actually get out to a restaurant or other romantic endeavour in person – we interviewed suppliers Fori Floral Studio to discuss trends for 2022. 


Valentine’s Day is associated with red roses, but surely there are plenty of other beautiful options we can consider? Can you shed some light on other popular flowers this year?

Contrary to popular belief, roses aren’t actually in season over Valentine’s Day! If you want to stick to the traditional red & pink colour palette, try looking at seasonal flowers such as Hydrangeas, Ranunculus, Tulips, or if your partner would like something a little more colourful our favourite February flowers are white Canterbury Bells, lilac Delphiniums and lime green Viburnum. 


At Marble Private we’re hyper conscious of sustainability. What are some sustainable Valentine’s alternatives our audience could consider? (The thought of all that waste makes us shudder!) 

If you do want to go down the fresh flower route, you can look into florists who source and buy all their flowers from growers based in the UK so you know your blooms aren’t clocking up the airmiles. However, for the most sustainable and waste-free option we’d recommend looking at dry flowers! Dry flowers have moved on a lot from their dated 80’s heyday, and you can now get some really beautiful options that will last forever. This year we have launched a dry-only Valentine’s range – our favourite is our preserved Hydrangea bouquet in shades of pink. It would make such a statement in a vase! 


If we were to watch out for flower colour themes in 2022, what do you think would be the perfect pairings? We want to channel our inner Pantone here… 

Our favourite colour pairing at the moment is lilac and coral – it looks so fresh and the colours together have the perfect level of complimenting and clashing. If you’re looking to channel your inner Pantone, 2022’s Pantone Colour of the Year is ‘Very Peri’ – the perfect periwinkle shade. If you look opposite that on a colour wheel the ideal colour pairings would be a soft buttery yellow (our favourite for garden roses!) or a light peppermint green – another FORI fave. 


Finally, what are some ways people could save money on flowers this year? Many don’t have the ability to splash the cash on a huge, extravagant bouquet – so what are some easy alternatives which are still hugely romantic and beautiful? Is home-picked or foraged the answer? 

If your partner has a favourite flower and you have some outdoor space, why not buy them some seeds to grow and care for their own! That way they’ll be able to pick the flowers once they’ve bloomed, and re-sow the seeds for years to come. One of the best flowers for this is Sweet Peas as you can pick the seed pods (they look just like green peas!), dry out the seeds from inside them and plant them again next year.

Photo by Fori Floral Studio, Words by Marble Private & Fori Floral Studio

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