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Venue styling tips

Want to organise the perfect luxury wedding but don’t want to stick to boring traditions and formats? Some of our most experienced Marble wedding planners share their top tips for styling your venue in a unique and dynamic way. Be bold, be creative, and be unique.

Personalised place settings

Make each guest’s place setting more memorable with personalised name places. Steer away from the traditional folded card /name on a menu and add in something more tangible. Better yet, double it up with your wedding favour. Choosing something that’s personal to you both will make your day that much more memorable to your guests. We’ve used, table mats, sun glasses and bottles on lemoncello or olive oil in the past.

Transition lighting

Lighting is one of the most effective ways to decorate a space. It’s also the easiest and most undisruptive thing to edit during your day. Let the lighting take you and your guests on a  journey by gradually changing it through the night. Not only can you create beautiful results, you can also control the atmosphere and general mood of the guests. Great when you want them to get up and on the dance floor.

Eco Friendly alternatives

We’re seeing a trend towards eco-friendly and environmentally thoughtful weddings, particularly as one of the big waste elements are flowers. Couples are choosing seasonal and local flowers over consumer flower farms and flowers brought over from abroad. Florists are also adhering to this trend by creating their own smaller florist farms where they grow and pick the majority of flowers they work with. Using potted flowers over cut stems also increases longevity and gives you the opportunity to plant some of the flowers from your special day.

Photo sets

Gone are the days of booths and walls, treat your guests to a photo set to truly immerse themselves in with a 360 area in which to interact and take photos from. We’ve made hotel beds and mirror ball disco units in the past, but let your imagination run!


Upgrade your table plan with something more interactive than a board on an easel. Turn it into an introduction talking point that can playfully direct guests to their seats. Polaroid ‘find your face’ walls and musical instruments have both been real winners in the past. And who knows, they might be recycled as props later in the night. 

Photo by Marble Private Weddings, Words by Zanna Gibson

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