20th Birthday Weekender

3 nights of celebrations in London, to be organised in 3 weeks. The first night; reception and private film screening with friends, second night; A Grand Orient Hotel styled evening for 95 guests at Annabel’s following a faded old world glamour concept.

Final night; formal and intimate dining experience for family and close friends.

Here Marble showcased and utilised every one of the 6 core services that it offers within a tight turnaround time. The result- a beautifully crafted weekend.

The three evenings took the guests to some of London’s most stylish and exclusive locations in London. Harking back to the days of timeless glamour and weekend long partying. Grace, flair and sophistication brought to life within the chosen spaces by the lighting design, entertainment, music and food curation playing together in one fine tune throughout the weekend.


Planning & Design, Creative Production, Project Management, AV & Tech

"Thank you guys so, so much. People are still talking about my birthday, that’s how great a job you guys did! Next year is gonna be fantabulous!"

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