Hippie 60s style 50th Birthday

Four years after Marble Private planned their wedding, this returning client asked us to plan and design an evening celebration for 150 of their closest friends. The brief was to hark back to the hippie movement of the 60’s to celebrate the client’s 50th birthday with peace, psychedelia, music and love.

The idyllic setting was on the edge of a woodland, perched on a hill overlooking a rolling valley. There were challenges to consider regarding access to this rural location as well as demanding build and planning logistics to address. We carefully considered our suppliers, so that we could achieve a sense of authenticity for the event.

Each guest was sent an invitation planted on wild seed paper, which when brought to the party, was planted to create a field of wildflowers. The technical department set up a light projection on the dome which played in sync with the live Beatles tribute band.


Planning and Design, Creative Production, Technical Production, Sound, Light and Tech, Music, Project Management and Implementation
Location: Hampshire

"Thank you so much for Saturday! I had an amazing birthday party and everyone who came had a fantastic time. We are still recovering! Please can you thank everyone from us for all the amazing effort they put into the event. Also please thank Zanna, Sugar & Spice, Rum Runner, Wild Bunch, Mat, Ricky and the two Tribute Bands. They all created a fantastic evening with all their individual talents. Thank you. Love"

Donna & Howard

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