Twyford Abbey 60th Birthday

For our client’s 60th birthday, we were tasked with elevating the already mysterious, haunted feel to the derelict Twyford Abbey. A midnight disco hidden from the outside world provided a place for VIP guests to party into the small hours.

Our client wanted an illuminated, exclusive party to celebrate her 60th birthday, completely secret from the world, and with a vast expanse of rooms for guests to travel through and explore. We selected the derelict Twyford Abbey – a building standing since 1290 with an eerily beautiful charm. We lined the driveway up to the Abbey with over a hundred tiki torches, and once guests reached the building they were greeted with a facade lit completely by purple lights and projections. 

Among the 120 guests, including award-winning actor Hugh Grant, our birthday girl wanted a venue with a complex maze of rooms and spaces to create a sense of adventure and intrigue. One room, filled with shimmering disco balls and candlelights, acted as a dance floor, whereas a cosy bar area filled with sofas and soft furnishings provided a space to sit down. 

Technical production and dynamic sound and lighting was paramount to this brief; our client wanted to illuminate the facade of Twyford Abbey like had never been seen before. As guests ascended to the castle-like building where our party was taking place, they were greeted with extraordinary light projection, and inside the theme was continued; the blank walls gave our technical team the perfect canvas to create a barrage of light and sound to wow guests. We utilised RGBAW Philips LED chips, that gave us the ability to throw a true warm white colour, meaning these lights were in keeping with the chandeliers and candle lighting. All of this, tied in with state of the art sound systems, created a mesmerising experience for guests and a truly unforgettable birthday for our client. 


Technical Production, Planning & Design
Location: Twyford Abbey

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