Will and Jess’ Isle of Wight Wedding

Will (one of the senior managers at Marble Private) and Jess chose their hometown in the Isle of Wight for their special day. They wanted their wedding weekend to have a woodland theme with a difference, with Marble’s signature bespoke builds to leave a lasting impression on their guests.

The ceremony took place in the local church, guests then made their way to Steynewood Battery for the remainder of the day. This is where the styling really came into play; heavily influenced by the historical fort in its beautiful woodland setting, surrounded by boundless fields and stunning gardens. The fort (famous amongst their friends and family) has also retained the original trenches which border the entire venue, whilst the multiple secret tunnels provided great photo opportunities and fun for all ages throughout the day and night!

Drinks and speeches were on the front lawn outside the house, with Marble’s signature wisteria clad pergola accentuating the rural feel of the day. The wedding dinner used gold and coral theming and took place in two large stretch tents within the surrounding woodland, providing a gorgeous intimate and private setting for the party. Guests had the opportunity to relax in the chill out areas, which were created in the old gun emplacements with a fire pit as the focal point, surrounded by rustic pallet furniture and vintage rugs.

The wedding party were then moved onto a dance platform, creatively built to look like a tree ‘party’ house and built on the banks of the water around the venue. After the first dance the couple celebrated with an incredible 15 minute firework display, after which the party kept going until the early hours. The wedding was a double day bonanza, with guest on the Sunday invited to a pizza and ice cream party, including more Rose and Tequila, taking place on the main lawn of the house. Definitely a weekend to remember!


Planning & design, Creative Production, AV & Technical
Location: Bembridge, Isle of Wight